From Pueblo to Steamboat, Grand Junction to Durango, the Roaring Fork to the San Luis Valley, the Western Independence Project is fighting to hold our elected officials in the 3rd Congressional District to account and to awaken the conscience and courage of everyday Americans to take back our country.


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Our work includes: Research on the priorities of working families, rural voters, Latino voters, and millennials across the 3rd Congressional; educating voters about the behavior and voting records of their elected representatives; and the engagement of people disenfranchised by the political status quo. 

Our team bring a collective 35 years of deep experience in voter engagement, campaign management, message development, and creative media production across Western and Southern Colorado to this mission. We work overtime for the restoration of a vibrant citizen democracy in America, where individuals and communities regain power over their destinies and the decisions that impact theirs lives, and where everyone can find authentic and meaningful ways to help shape our politics for the better. 


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